Screwed by the new kid on the block (yea I said THAT) who was brought on by Brownback! Nice way to flex your muscle…

Kansas Supreme Courts have released opinions on 4 cases affecting sex offender registration affecting those who were convicted prior to the infamous ( SB 39 ) 2011 change in the Kansas sex offender registration act… In short 3 cases were heard by six of the sitting supreme court justices and a a senior district court judge […]

Court update and a few words about motor vehicles and the registry and some good news about jobs and the registry

Well first for all of you who are wondering… We have not heard back from Judge Eric Commerce as of yet regaurding the  jurisdiction of the case. We will let you know ASA we know something ourselves. Be patient he has much to consider… Now in response to an email I received… A certain person wanted to inform me […]

Let Them Live With the Other Large Reptiles: The Failure of Residency Restrictions

The following article is from it addresses the residency issue and more., you will find here in this article everything that has spoken on repeatedly since its inception. An excellent article that we thank the author for.. I recommend you read this in its entirety and perhaps also send the link of the story to your […]

Own the Vote!

Own the Vote! is a voting campagin we will be working this fall. I need many of you to assist in person with this campaign. We will be handing out info, I and a few others will be speaking, and much more, perhaps a BBQ at some of the locations. Most important we will be checking […]

Un update on the recently published EEOC’s New Criminal Record Guidance April 26, 2012

The following is an email sent to me from; Regarding a  bi-partisan fashion (by a vote of 4 to 1), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a revised guidance on the application of Title VII to criminal records on April 25, 2012 Please read and forward to friends and family as these issues affect anyone who at […]

Court update…

Well today was kinda grizzly. We heard the SedCo DA’s argue their position on the issue of court Jurisdiction. We also heard the Judge challenge their motions pretty intently. When all was said and done, the Judge has expressed the need to review the motions and all the related cases thoroughly.So we wait. We were […]

Punishment or Civil Scheme

The following video is of Kansas State Rep. Pat Colloton I feel that this video expresses the INTENTIONS of at least this one individual with regards to the passage of SB37… Her words express clearly A PART of her INTENTIONS..The reason I bring this to the surface, is that one of the TESTS the court […]

Well… no win , no loss, no tie… still waiting!

Court was as to be expected… a slightly long drawn out affair… In the end on friday just before moon when we finally got out of the building we only had in hand, the next date… Yes we have to wait another ten days to find out the determination of rather we will remain in […]

edited: Any Kansans have “experiences” with the NEW LAW yet??? And wow can I say this out LOUD…and Nothing good ever resulted from greed!

Hello everyone, my hope is that this blog post finds you and your families safe and sound in light of the storms and tornadoes that blazed across the mid-west this past weekend… I also would like to send out our love and prayers to those families who have been adversely affected and lost lives in […]

The motions and supplements we have filed Sedgwick County Kansas 18th Judicial Court

The following are all the motions and supplements we have filed by and through Jason Smartt with the Sedgwick County Public Defenders Office of Wichita Kansas into court at the Sedgwick County Court House 18th Judicial District. Also there is still time to get placed onto this case if you would like to. If your […]

The Constitution and Freedom

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Kansas Sex offender Registration Laws

More on the current Political manuering (intended) regarding the Kansas Supreme Court rulings on sex offender registration !

More on the current Political manuering (intended) regarding the Kansas Supreme Court rulings on sex offender registration !

So Who’s going to payback all of these kids for what they have sacrificed ? Their childhoods they have lost so that you could be a Hotshot political force to be reckoned with. Who is going to pay the costs of dealing with the kids emotional, psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and sometimes physical wounds? You ? Your current regime ? Your law? The Law designed to ” protect children” ! Children who currently can’t even play outside, or be enrolled in their neighborhood school….There is a whole generation of kids that’s growing up where they can’t even have friends, the most important Hallmark of childhood – your friendships, because that sets the stage for the adult you’re going to become…. You’ve got that covered though don’t you Governor Brownback?



The new court date is Friday February 3rd. 9am… Please read the last 2 post’s on how you can take action… Post 1 Post 2 Thank you for your time and continued support… Victoria Bliss @