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Housing resrtictions SB39 HB2346 DOC and Money

Well you may or may not be aware of a residential restriction law regarding offenders that has been getting pushed around in legislation for the past 2 sessions now. It was originally introduced as HB2346 evidently due to its competitor SB37 which came along in the same session, it was killed offed.But read the fiscal […]

The Constitution and Freedom

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For our friends in Missouri a call to action concerning HJR0083

I received an email today from Vicki Henry, President Women Against Registry The following is a copy of that email: Dear Members & Contacts, This is a Call To Action concerning HJR0083 which is to be brought before the Missouri voters by ballot in November. They want to repeal a portion of the Missouri Constitution […]

HB 2346

Yet another attempt by the KS Gov to pigeon hole every ” offender” to be the boogie man. There is a 500 ft loitering aspect… Well really when is the last time a child was abducted from the school by a stranger.. If anyone is at the school to snatch a child its a non […]