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The motions and supplements we have filed Sedgwick County Kansas 18th Judicial Court

The following are all the motions and supplements we have filed by and through Jason Smartt with the Sedgwick County Public Defenders Office of Wichita Kansas into court at the Sedgwick County Court House 18th Judicial District.

Also there is still time to get placed onto this case if you would like to. If your interested please contact me immediately so we can get you going. We have our next hearing on Friday April 20th 2012 at the Sedgwick County Court House, Fifth floor, Judge Eric Commerce. 9am… All friends and familys of offenders are encouraged to participate in the court process. Also if your new to this site and are wondering our intentions. We are merely challenging the retro active aspect of Senate Bill 37 that was passed into law during the 2011 legislative session. We are NOT trying to have any offender removed from their original duty to comply with registration as ordered when they were originally sentenced, nor are we trying to repeal the law in its entirety. We do feel that by applying the new laws in a reverse or backward in time nature, aka retroactive, that this undermines the sanctity of the constitution that provides for protection from these types of actions being taken against ANYONE. We are here to fight for the integrity of the constitution as well as the legal system that is designed to serve and protect ALL citizens, and to create and sustain a legal system based on justice and the fair and consistent administration of law…

Here are the motions and supplements; If you have questions please contact me at KansasLaw@hotmail.com or 316.218.7282 also if you do not want to read all the legal jargon, please scroll past the motions and supplements links to a message from me to you at the bottom of the page….

EW KORA Retro motion Contract Theory

EW KORA Retro motion Cruel and Unusual

EW KORA Retro motion Effective Assistance

EW KORA Retro motion Ex Post Facto

EW KORA Retro Motion Plain Language of Statute

EW KORA Retro motion Sep of Powers

Exhibit A Smith v Doe, 123 SupCt 1140 (2002)

Exhibit B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 and B8 Legislative Materials

Exhibit B9 House Substitute for SB37 Kansas July 1 2011

Exhibit C1 and C2 KBI Brochures

Exhibit E1 KORA Comparison 1994 v 2007

Exhibit E1 KORA Comparison 1994 v 2007

Exhibit E3 Comparison Alaska Smith v Doe Registration v KORA

Exhibit E4 Kansas v Broxterman 10CR1587 Shawnee County ROA

Exhibit E5 Kansas v Broxterman Defendants Supplemental Brief

Exhibit E6 Kansas v Odell 11CR51 Shawnee County ROA

Exhibit E7 Kansas v Odell 11CR51 Memo in Support of Motion t

Exhibit E8 Kansas v Odell 11CR51 Supplemental Memo Decision

Exhibit E9 Notice of Withdrawal

Exhibit E9 Response to Motion from DUI Context for Reference

First Supplemental Memo in Support of Motions

Supplemental Materials 1 2 and 3 Notice

So, I like to ask of you… This is and has not been an easy or free campaign to fight so far and i’m sure it will become more complicated and costly by time… Just the basics of gas,paper, ink, internet services, and postage…all of this costs over the months has added up substantially not to mention the amount of TIME I have invested… We ask that you help us to help you…It doesn’t need to be anything substantial, just a buck or so from everyone would be fantastic.Those on the case as well as those who are either supporters of our cause or other offenders who are simply not able to be on THIS paticular case for whatever reason. Please Keep in mind everything done so far… While also keeping in mind what may need to be done in the near future depending on what the Judge says on Friday….Anyway anything you can do would be super no matter how nominal, its just a great way to say thank you and a way for you to participate if you do not have the time or desire to let me put you to work =)… The link below titled “donate here” will take you to PayPal. Now YOU DO NOT have to have a paypal account in order to donate, you will need to have a visa/mc/amex etc credit or debit card. Keep in mind the link is to PAYPAL,so it a super secure connections and you need not worry about security. You can feel safe and confidant that your info will remain private and secure.. The page that will come up will look like a check, just fill in the blanks and follow the prompts!!! Again thank you for helping us, as all you do to help us, serves to have helped you! And will continue to do so… I appreciate all and everything you can do to assit me in this project.. Be is financial or materials…We gladly accept paper, ink,postage,a used laptop would be fantastic, and external modem would be awesome,a full copy of word 2010 would be dynamite, any books on law and legal processes or related subjects,a small desk, a filing cabinet a cricket wireless modem for use with more than one appliance at a time.

This is becoming my full time position and I expect to maximize it to the fullest in order to make certain we are heard and our grievance addressed to the best of my ability.I have several more projects I plan to implement after we go to court on the 20th.

Again anything no matter how nominal will be of great assistance.. Thank you… And if you are interested in getting involved and helping please contact me .. 316.218.7282 or kansaslaw@hotmail.com

Victoria Bliss KansasLaw.wordpress.com



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