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Court update…

Well today was kinda grizzly. We heard the SedCo DA’s argue their position on the issue of court Jurisdiction. We also heard the Judge challenge their motions pretty intently.

When all was said and done, the Judge has expressed the need to review the motions and all the related cases thoroughly.So we wait. We were not given another date.. He will do his research and then contact the attorney and DA that he has reached a decision and will then set it to be rendered in public court.

First today May1, Happy May Day… Also dont forget to STAND UP FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE TODAY!

Wichita OCCUPY EVENT for MAY 1

When your done supporting then get on the ball and get your paperwork done ASAP to get onto the case. If you need an affidavit for a public defender contact me and I will get it to you promptly.

Also any attorneys out there who want to take on the case in civil court pro bono please contact me. At current we have approx 35 persons on the case with many out of county waiting to see what the Judges ruling will be on which court has Jurisdiction on the case. When all is said and done we anticipate a fairly large number of individuals. If we are unable to retain an attorney in this matter a civil action will be filed pro sei in the Sedgwick County Courts.

This is a compelling case that will bring an enormous amount of attention to the Counsel of record. I will be happy to look over your experience in the related areas of law involved to see if this case and your expertise/education are an appropriate match. We will either accept a seasoned pro in civil and criminal law or a recent grad who has yet to establish oneself.

As for the judges decision, I will keep you posted and let you know something as soon as I do. I would guess that 10 days should be sufficient.

My birthday is coming up, so maybe I can get a verdict by May 25th. After all, it was the great ole Governor Brownback who signed SB 37 into law on my birthday one year ago.

Hang in there everyone, this is going to take some time. But I am committed to the process.

In the meantime I want to pass on this post…

EEOC Updates Policy on Criminal Background Checks
By Matthew Schwarzfeld, Council of State Governments Justice Center

Earlier this week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued updated enforcement guidance on employers’ use of arrest and conviction records when making employment decisions. In its guidance, the EEOC cited that hiring policies that include blanket exclusions of people with criminal records have a disparate racial impact, and therefore violate Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Also I want to remind you to read this POST and write your letters to

lance.kinzer@house.ks.gov ; joe.patton@house.ks.gov ; janice.pauls@house.ks.gov ; j.stephen.alford@house.ks.gov ; benny.boman@house.ks.gov ; bob.brookens@house.ks.gov ; rob.bruchman@house.ks.gov ; dan.collins@house.ks.gov ; pat.colloton@house.ks.gov ; brett.hildabrand@house.ks.gov ; mitch.holmes@house.ks.gov ; jim.kelly@house.ks.gov ; annie.kuether@house.ks.gov ; melanie.meier@house.ks.gov ; john.rubin@house.ks.gov ; ronald.ryckman@house.ks.gov ; greg.smith@house.ks.gov ; gene.suellentrop@house.ks.gov ; annie.tietze@house.ks.gov ; ponka-we.victors@house.ks.gov ; jim.ward@house.ks.gov

Let these legislative Reps KNOW how the change in laws have affected your lives and that of your families. How the added time further exasperates your ability to move forward and become a productive and healthy part of the community. Its time to begin to take Direct Action measures to let the law makers know who we are and where we stand. Many of us voters and many of us have at least 3 votes who we can influence. If every offender in America took Direct Action in policy management via vote control and nomination control.

All of this hinges on what will come to pass in the world as the London Summer Olympic Games moves closer. As Englands military feels necessary to install… The reason cited is a concern for a 9/11 style of terror attack. Truthfully if there was going to be an attack there, I would guess that air space would not be THE choice, or certainly not the ONLY choice. Perhaps air attacks coupled with biological warfare.If an attack was going to be made to a location like London, at such celebratory time, it would be an attack that was intended to set off a series of immediate war like retaliations. Subsequently changing life as we know it. Any action less than something of a major magnitude would only serve to UNITE 90% against those responsible and place the responsible parties in direct line for being on a worldwide manhunt that would inevitably end in the demise of the responsible party with no glory. It would prove to be an ineffective waste of strategy and offence.

Go capitols!!!!
Go Blues!!!!

Take care all more soon…


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