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Housing resrtictions SB39 HB2346 DOC and Money

Well you may or may not be aware of a residential restriction law regarding offenders that has been getting pushed around in legislation for the past 2 sessions now. It was originally introduced as HB2346 evidently due to its competitor SB37 which came along in the same session, it was killed offed.But read the fiscal note as it provides some interesting info and insight as to what KS Leg was planning to do on its own accord before The adam Walsh Act took over!

Then came along SB39 Originally introduced by first term republican Senator Robert Olsen out of district 23.

However it seems that SB39 has now been replaced in a sense (see version 4). Its now H Sub for Sub SB39… What that means is that SB39 was changed and amended by legislation, then it was again changed. The new change in SB39 is the language from HB 2790. If you read the SN (supplemental note)

So that’s that for SB39… Seems it saved the state 4 million and generated the state $69,000 in revenue, including $55,200 credited to the State General Fund and $13,800 credited to the Department of Corrections. The bill was amended to include language from HB 2194 that would direct 80 percent of revenue generated from the sale of surplus state real estate to the KPERS Fund. The bill as amended would credit $13,800 to the Department of Corrections and $55,000 to the KPERS Fund to be applied to the payment of the unfunded
actuarial liability.

Everybody is a winner I suppose… Employees of Kansas, Reno County, DOC, and offenders can relax for a moment! Thank you House Committee on Appropriations…


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