update on HB2346 aka SB39 oops I was Mistaken… My apologies.. here corrected..

Well there is a HB2346 and a SB39… Now SB39 was originally introduced last year and it died in committee. I have been informed that it has stalled again this year.

Now SB39 removes the halloween aspect, as well as limits the housing restriction to 500ft NOT 2000 as it was in HB2346. Further the housing restriction per SB39 will only apply to those convicted on or after July 1 2011.

I will take that with a grain of salt, as if it were to pass it makes no sense finacially for the sherriffs departments to have to try to keep track of who falls under which law blah blah blah… So im certain that if something of this nature does pass at some point , eventually it will be retroactive just as the entirety of the K.O.R.A laws are anyway.. I was unaware of the activity with sb39, as I had been following HB2346… When I have been checking on anything… This last month I had to take some time for my son… I have spent so much time working on research for the retroactive law issue, and all the phone calls , blogs, research, letter writing, etcetc… I was just plain burnt out… So thank you to Tim, who emailed me last night to update me on SB39.

It seems that many of people out there think that I’m super human and a few have had the nerve to get mad at me for not being able to fix their problems or do the work for them to get them on the case.. That is a big part of why I had to step away for a little while. I have put my life on hold to fight this, and I chose to extend myself and my case out to all those out there who are being wronged. And while I understand many of you are frustrated, as am I… Im the one who has spent the time, effort and energy to get this message out to you.. Dont shoot the messenger if ya know what I mean…

Anyway, according to Tim, sb39 will not pass this session, but he left us all with wise advice…

” I think that since the bill was placed in the Appropriations Committee which is exempt from deadlines that we might expect to see this bill taken up again next session. And since this is an election year we can expect to have some new uneducated Reps. in office. So we’ll have to hit them real early and hit them hard to try to educate them on this issue. ”

Here is the list of members of the Committee on Appropriations ( if you click on the link it will take you to the legislative page for the Committee on Appropriations. You can click on the names on the reps to get their email addys or phone numbers… I suggest that while it may be done for now, to continue to educate, hound or whatever you want to call it.. But keep it up… even just a simple email at least shows that their are people out there paying attention and interested in what OUR government is doing!! Let them know what YOU THE PEOPLE want. And again thank you Tim for your input. I appreciate that you took the time to let me know whats going on.. I have alot going on here with the court case coming up in a few weeks, so aside from home and family, my free time has been primarily spent dealing with the local stuff here.

Rep. Marc Rhoades
Vice Chair
Rep. Kasha Kelley
Ranking Minority Member
Rep. Bill Feuerborn
Rep. Barbara Ballard
Rep. Anthony Brown
Rep. Sydney Carlin
Rep. Richard Carlson
Rep. Ward Cassidy
Rep. Dave Crum
Rep. Pete DeGraaf
Rep. Jim Denning
Rep. Doug Gatewood
Rep. Lana Gordon
Rep. Jerry Henry
Rep. Marvin Kleeb
Rep. Harold Lane
Rep. Peggy Mast
Rep. Joe McLeland
Rep. Virgil Peck
Rep. Jo Ann Pottorff
Rep. Sharon Schwartz
Rep. Clark Shultz
Rep. Gene Suellentrop

Again EVERYONE… Write emails, make phone calls, keep the pressure on…

Take care …

Victoria Bliss
RO 2001


2 comments on “update on HB2346 aka SB39 oops I was Mistaken… My apologies.. here corrected..

  1. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!


  2. SB39 discusses real estate, doesn’t it??


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