HB 2346

Yet another attempt by the KS Gov to pigeon hole every ” offender” to be the boogie man. There is a 500 ft loitering aspect… Well really when is the last time a child was abducted from the school by a stranger.. If anyone is at the school to snatch a child its a non custodial parent. Speaking of which, I might add that my son;s school did not even so much as ask if my son was to be leaving with his father one day a few weeks ago when the dad who the school had never seen or heard about prior to this day, shows up on foot to get my son! An issue I will quite possibly take up with the District.

As for the living restriction, well 2000 ft covers alot of ground… Looks like KS wants to have an influx of out of compliant offenders , who are homeless and have gone underground to seek refuge from the law.

I must say after having read the following report a while back, i am surprised this bill has made it as far as it has


So I sat down today and sent a letter to the following :

lance.kinzer@house.ks.gov; joe.patton@house.ks.gov; janice.pauls@house.ks.gov; j.stephen.alford@house.ks.gov; benny.boman@house.ks.gov; bob.brookens@house.ks.gov; rob.bruchman@house.ks.gov; dan.collins@house.ks.gov; pat.colloton@house.ks.gov; brett.hildabrand@house.ks.gov; mitch.holmes@house.ks.gov; jim.kelly@house.ks.gov; annie.kuether@house.ks.gov; melanie.meier@house.ks.gov; john.rubin@house.ks.gov; ronald.ryckman@house.ks.gov; greg.smith@house.ks.gov; gene.suellentrop@house.ks.gov; annie.tietze@house.ks.gov; ponka-we.victors@house.ks.gov; jim.ward@house.ks.gov

Please do so yourselves!!! Call these folks out on the incarceration aspect. From 5p till 11p on Halloween certain people must stay inside their home!?!?!?! Not only is that just a ridiculous idea that something of that nature is going to prevent a sex offense from happening, but its a mandated incarceration. Or one could venture into the realm of a type of kidnapping, when free individuals are being held against their will, and threatened with the possibility of long term incarceration if they do not comply! But WAIT! This shits not supposed to be penal…. sigh!

These offender laws are getting way to far out of hand and most do not even make sense! Written by a group of power hungry opportunist who think that sex offenders are a meal ticket to the fast track of their political career. Well I for one do not feel like taking it in the backside just so good ole so and so can climb the next wrung… I have nothing left to loose, as they have stripped me of my freedom, and my dignity along with my desire to try and do anything even remotely productive… I feel like a big painful zit on the ass of the community now, and I can thank the KS law en-actors (i chose that purposefully)… They are acting, acting like they have it all just really figured out… When most of them just don’t!!! I have to fight each day to keep myself from thinking about the fact that short of winning the lottery I will never have a dam thing… That quite possibly I will end up spending my life’s end in prison for an inability to remain in compliance as my health deteriorates…That I will die just another lost soul whose only value ended up being the fire I placed in my sons belly before he was old enough to understand any of this bullshit…

Its going to be interesting to see just how the back lash manifests, and it will… Its just a matter of time before people become sick and tired of being sick and tired! I am already there! Thinking about this stuff literally brings me physical pain…along with a tremendous amount of exhaustion trying to sort and sift through the much and mire of whats really going on in the world, when shit like this can get passed!

So currently as I understand it HB2346 is in the committee on judiciary here is the link –


So get out your handy dandy ipads and get to writing these folks and let them know where you stand on residential zoning restrictions, as well as the 5p to 11p house arrest on Halloween, and you know what let them know how you feel about SB37 while your at it… Invite them in to take a lil look see on how your life and the lives of those whom you live with and love have been altered, destroyed in some cases and well just basically screwed with!

Its time we let the legislatures know and see what are the results of their lack of common sense that let them to spend 4mil to save 250k … dam brainiacs! And to think we voted these folks in there!!! Looks like there is going to be some interesting days ahead of us…So dont just say oh it wont matter, get in there and get your voices heard!!!

Ill catch up with you soon… Until then be well and take good care to you and yours!

– victoria bliss
RSO 2001


2 comments on “HB 2346

  1. Thank you Victoria for contacting the legislature regarding HB 2346. So you and others will know, the bill is actually still called SB 39 since that is the house it originated in. But that much is trivial. What I wanted to clarify though is that the bill was modified and no longer contains Halloween restrictions, nor does it contain the additional marking of drivers licenses. The 2000 ft residency restriction was dropped to 500 ft. from schools and nothing else and no exclusionary zones. Also the bill is only supposed to apply to those convicted of an aggravated sex offense on or after July 2011 and those who already have established residence within 500 ft. of a school would not be required to move. Not that any of that makes this bill any better. As I have already heard out of a legislators own mouth that if the bill were passed that their are plans to expand the bill and make it retroactive and to also force those who were originally grandfathered in to move. The legislature has a study, that Victoria mentioned earlier, from a group of professionals that was commissioned by the legislators themselves to study theses restrictions and they concluded basically that they don’t work and in fact are counterproductive. Anyways the bill was tabled again recently in the House Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice and will not be voted on in the House this session. But I think that since the bill was placed in the Appropriations Committee which is exempt from deadlines that we might expect to see this bill taken up again next session. And since this is an election year we can expect to have some new uneducated Reps. in office. So we’ll have to hit them real early and hit them hard to try to educate them on this issue. But I have found that no matter how educated they may be to the facts of an issue many choose to remain obstinate towards those facts for reasons of personal gain and other emotion driven reasons. But don’t let that stop you from bugging the hell out of them and bombarding them with the truth.


  2. I agree. The laws are getting out of hand. My husband was charged 10years ago for soliciting sex to a minor in which he proved he never had sexual relations with and the other girls stepped down and said they lied. He is still going to have to live with registering for the rest of his life now. I see the pain it causes and the stress lays on his shoulders something heavy. I watched my ex go through the same thing over a girl he dated in high school that was younger than him. I remember so many girls in middle school dating way older guys. Where is their punishment to learn their lesson? I think these two have learned their lesson of humiliation to almost its fullest over the past ten years. I myself find it disgusting for an adult to molest or rape another human being. So does my husband and ex. We also find it wrong for an adult not in his teens to date children. Those are the people who threaten our society. Not these hard working norm following men, who have nothing to show for it because they are paying for their mistakes they made as a child. So where do we start in all this? Something has to change, and I am willing to learn in order to help these two men. I promised years ago I would help my ex, because I feel everything I have seen should never have happened to these young men’s lives when there are more evil criminals out there.


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