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Ok heres where we are today

Well folks heres the scoop… Like I told you all yesterday , there is a 45 day Judicial Review process going on..The next court date is April 20th 2012 There was 2 reasons cited for this 1) To determine rather the case should be filed and heard in criminal or civil courts 2) To determine […]

The costs of registering sex offenders…

The costs of registering sex offenders….

1/23/12-SCOTUS(SupremeCourt) sorts through applicability of SORNA in Reynolds!!

Light in the long dark tunnel… It appears that for a change the Supreme Court Justices are putting forth some effort in beginning to unravel the knots made by the AWA… On January 23 the United States Supreme Court overturned a circuit court ruling…. A 7-2 ruling in Reynolds v. US, the Justices provide an […]