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Let Them Live With the Other Large Reptiles: The Failure of Residency Restrictions

The following article is from Corrections.com it addresses the residency issue and more., you will find here in this article everything that KansasLaw.wordpress.com has spoken on repeatedly since its inception. An excellent article that we thank the author for.. I recommend you read this in its entirety and perhaps also send the link of the story to your local reps, and remind them that you and all your family members will be certain to be voting this coming fall.  

Also speqaking of voting, please read Own the Vote! – This is a post to inform you of a future event we will be working on developing around Kansas. We would love to hear your ideas and input, as well as any participation you can give…

Kudos to Chris Donrnin for this excellent well written report styled piece..
Let Them Live With the Other Large Reptiles: The Failure of Residency Restrictions

 By Chris Dornin, Retired Statehouse reporter

Published: 05/14/2012

America has a lot of harsh laws against sex offenders that shame and banish this unpopular group. Miami sends them to live in the swamps with the poisonous snakes and boa constrictors. Georgia bars them from living or working within 1,000 feet of a school bus stop. Pretty much the whole state is off limits for employment or domicile. California bans them from living in just about any of the cities. Those laws are under serious legal challenge, and the Georgia bus stop code is on hold pending the outcome of a marathon lawsuit that started six years ago. But draconian less restrictive limits remain in force.

Those life-time punishments pale next to maybe the worst sex offender legislation of all time. Rep. Fran Wendelboe of New Hampshire sponsored HB 1647 two years ago to ban a registered sex offender in New Hampshire from living within 25 miles of their victim or from any relative or in-law of the victim. A violation would have been a class B felony earning another three and half to seven years in prison, if not more, counting the aggravating factor of being a recidivist.

To read the rest of the story please click here to go to corrections.com


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