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Court date is actually on the 10th…

Evidently there was some communication issues somewhere… But I have now been informed that the court date is Friday February 10th at 9 am. at the Sedgwick County Courthouse on the 9th floor, Judge Wilbert.
The hearing is Friday February 10th at 9 am at the Sedgwick County Courthouse on the 9th floor, Judge Wilbert.

It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT WE LAY A STRONG FOUNDATION TO THE FIGHT! WE NEED AS MUCH SUPPORT on Friday February 10th (9am) AS POSSIBLE… Offenders whose registration has been altered due to the implementation of SB 37 aka The Adam Walsh Act and SORNA…WE NEED YOU THERE!! Family members whose lives are affected by the change in registration… WE NEED YOU THERE!!! Members of the community who feel strongly that the retroactive aspect of the Adam Walsh Act is a direct violation of constitutional rights… STAND UP … Make your voice heard!

Its only through grassroot efforts that we can begin to make headway in this fight, contact anyone you may know who feels strongly about this law and its effects on those who must adhere to it, encourage them to STAND UP…This issue is not just about how this specific law affects sex offenders, this law also is a reflection of the bit by bit process of all of our civil rights and liberties being slowly stripped away..

The Sedgwick county Public Defenders office has filed 3 motions on behalf of one Sedgwick county registered offender so far, and waiting for others to join in for a class action filing… The deadline to join in on this motion is February 10th at 9am. WE MUST HAVE YOU AT COURT AND/OR HAVE you SUBMIT the following affidavit – Request for appointment of counsel affidavit (see instructions below)…

Here is the court docket info

Sedgwick County Courts 18th Judicial District
Attorney of Record Jason Smart on behalf of Earnest Carl Ward Defendant

Case #1999-CR-001751-FE
supplemental motion
–ex post facto to challenge retroactive application of Kansas offender registration act K.S.A. 22-4901 et seq & delcare 2011 SB 37 unconstitutional as retroactively applied

Supplemental motion — seperation of powers to challenge retroactive application of Kansas offender registration act K.S.A. 22-4901 et seq & declare 2011 SB 37 unconstitutional as retroactively applied

supplemental motion- effective assistance of counsel in consideration of collateral consequences to challenge retroactive application of Kansas offender registration act K.S.A. 22-4901 et seq and declare 2011 SB 37
unconstitutional as retroactively applied

For any registered offenders from Sedgwick County who wish to be a part of the action, Please go to the Sedgwick County Courthouse anytime PRIOR to Friday February 10TH at 9am , go to the 9th floor to Judge Wilberts Chambers, Ask about Criminal Assignment…Tell them you want a Request for appointment of counsel affidavit, in order to file a motion attacking the retroactive offender registration aspect of SB 37, now known as the Adam Walsh Act (AWA), and its companion the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA). If your unable to attend on FRIDAY February 10th THEN PLEASE go down to the court-house and pick up the affidavit and fill it out and have it back to the judge before 9am on Friday February 10th 2012… He needs to be aware of as many people as possible…If your unable to get to the courthouse during business hours please call me at 316.218.7282, and I can meet with you after business hours with a copy for you to fill out. One way or another we need either your affidavit, your notarized letter or preferably your presence! This is of IMMEDIATE concern…

If you are unable to attend and are unable to get to the court house to make application for affidavit to request Council, then the other option if you would be so excellent to do so is to write a detailed letter explaining how the change in registration laws has affected you and your family and life, also in your letter explain what your understanding of your registration obligations were when you were originally sentenced, and if , and how the registration process was explained to you… Were you made aware of the potential for the length of time to be changed, were you told a specific length of time etc….In addition to the above, please include any difficulties you have had with retaining employment of housing if that is your case, and any type of harassment you or your family or household may have been the recipients of… Now keep in m ind the courts are not interested in your emotional ” stories” if you will.. (not intended to minimize anyone’s difficulties) the court is interested in the facts. So please keep opinions limited… Just be factual and explain how the added time or the restrictions on your movement, or what ever element(s) of this new set of registration requirements has adversely affected you if that is the case. When you have written your letter, then you will need to print it out, get it notarized then EMAIL me the copy of your NOTARIZED letter. It needs to be notarized to give it credibility, at some point we may need the original, or perhaps the attorneys office will need to speak with you, so be sure to include a contact number along with all your registration info.

This is a very important step we are taking in the beginning of a very important journey…Any assistance I or any of my associates can offer please don’t hesitate to ask.. If you need help in understanding the changes in laws, or how it has affected your registration requirements etc..

Also I would like to offer this site as a space for people to connect.. That way if there are folks who live in the same area’s and wish to travel we can get some car pooling going on to conserve on gas and money for everyone… This needs to be a co-operative effort..

I will be blogging next about a very important case heard in the US Fed Supreme courts , whose verdict was rendered on the 23rd of this month.. This single case could prove helpful to cases all across the country..A small step…

Before I go I would like to just state again the importance it is that you join this effort. Stand up for your rights, I or Earnest cannot stand alone for us all, WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED.. Stand up for the violations against your constitutional rights that are being trampled…STAND UP! BE COUNTED, Show the Kansas Governing bodies that you have drawn a line in the sand as far as this most recent change in the laws and how they have effected us ALL…

Peace and blessings…

Victoria Bliss

ps…Again If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email… Phone will get a faster response.. You can call or text..316.218.7282 or email to kansaslaw@hotmail.com


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