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edited: Any Kansans have “experiences” with the NEW LAW yet??? And wow can I say this out LOUD…and Nothing good ever resulted from greed!

Hello everyone, my hope is that this blog post finds you and your families safe and sound in light of the storms and tornadoes that blazed across the mid-west this past weekend… I also would like to send out our love and prayers to those families who have been adversely affected and lost lives in […]

The motions and supplements we have filed Sedgwick County Kansas 18th Judicial Court

The following are all the motions and supplements we have filed by and through Jason Smartt with the Sedgwick County Public Defenders Office of Wichita Kansas into court at the Sedgwick County Court House 18th Judicial District. Also there is still time to get placed onto this case if you would like to. If your […]

Ok heres where we are today

Well folks heres the scoop… Like I told you all yesterday , there is a 45 day Judicial Review process going on..The next court date is April 20th 2012 There was 2 reasons cited for this 1) To determine rather the case should be filed and heard in criminal or civil courts 2) To determine […]

The costs of registering sex offenders…

The costs of registering sex offenders….

The costs of registering sex offenders…

I found some $$$ info that shows just the tip of another part oof the iceberg… I have added it at the end of the post. It shows the cost of implementation of SORNA and what we would of lost for failure to do so… You know that 10% LEO fund money… Bet ya cant […]

Good reading …

I just spent this morning reading about the Kentucky supreme court cases involving Offenders and expost facto issues.. I was pleased and found it refreshing and forward thinking… so check out Kentucky.. “It will behoove the Supreme Court Justices of other states as well as the USSC to begin to look closely at the current […]

1/23/12-SCOTUS(SupremeCourt) sorts through applicability of SORNA in Reynolds!!

Light in the long dark tunnel… It appears that for a change the Supreme Court Justices are putting forth some effort in beginning to unravel the knots made by the AWA… On January 23 the United States Supreme Court overturned a circuit court ruling…. A 7-2 ruling in Reynolds v. US, the Justices provide an […]