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Next court date!

Well here IS the scoop, we have 45 days for Judicial Review… Meaning the Judge needs to review the case to determine if we are in the correct court ( civil, criminal) and if we are in the correct court …

In this forty five days he will determine the above as well as review all the documents/tation we we have provided. Case law from other states etc etc. There are a few things weighing in well for our benefit!

I know its later than I wanted to post, however my battery died at court today , then I did not get back home until just a lil bit ago.

Now as far as all of you are concerned what we will need from you is to get involved now in the case itself.

I have to go right now, much to do to get caught up with my own personal life since I have spent the past month dedicated solely to this! But just know that in my next blog I will be explaining in depth exactly whats going on, where we stand currently and what exactly you will NEED to do if you want to be a part of the big picture…

The next court day is April 20TH … =) Also I will start returning calls Sunday. I’m wiped OUT! I have spent hour upon hour talking about all of this… But just for your own comfort, all is well so far!

either tonight or tomorrow…


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