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edited: Any Kansans have “experiences” with the NEW LAW yet??? And wow can I say this out LOUD…and Nothing good ever resulted from greed!

Hello everyone, my hope is that this blog post finds you and your families safe and sound in light of the storms and tornadoes that blazed across the mid-west this past weekend…

I also would like to send out our love and prayers to those families who have been adversely affected and lost lives in Woodward Oklahoma..

Over the past 2 weeks I have spoke with many of you who had interest in getting onto the case. I want to thank all of you for your loyal interest and in your willingness to stand up and be counted in the fight against the retroactive aspect of SB37 that was implemented in July of 2011… It looks as if we will have about 50-60 participants. I am very pleased with the results so far…

Any of you out there reading this that have not yet filed your Affidavit For Counsel and had it signed by Judge Wilbur, well you need to do that no later than Wednesday.. Court is this Friday Morning at 9am.. Now I want you all to understand that this Friday we will not be getting any kind of ruling.. We will be finding out what the Judge has determined based on the motion filed back in February by the DA’s office. If you will recall as written about in that blog post, there was a 45 day review process..We will be hearing what Judge Eric Commerce has determined… I have been told he has a distinct dislike for conflict… How that will affect us I couldn’t even begin to speculate.. What I can say is that the changes in law has created a tremendous amount of conflict for thousands of families across the state, including my own… I have heard many stories and its not good, not good at all! These laws have already began to have adverse effects on those whom are governed by it..

Now about the question I posed in the title of this blog… I am very interested to hear about anyone’s legal issues that have resulted because of the recent change in laws.. For example, I was contacted recently by a gentleman who for the past several decades has been traveling between here and a south american county, where he has a type of pseudo or partial citizenship since he is a known friend of the people to this particular country.. However here recently when he went to travel, unaware of the new law requirements of 3 week notice prior to international travel, when he attempted to travel he was stopped “was pulled from the plane, detained in immigration and deported back to the US.” .. Another issue I was informed about was a gentleman who is what is considered to be a transient, since he came to KS from another state. However he moved here back in 2000… Anyway for some reason when he went in to register this past time he was asked to submit DNA.. Keep in mind he is a misdemeanor offender, so he was never required originally to submit DNA, also keep in mind he was convicted back in 1996. Anyway allegedly he was asked if he was willing to provide DNA, and shocked and confused he said no. After he finished his update with the sheriffs dept, he left. Shortly after he left, he was contacted by the officer who had done his registration, and he told the guy that he made a mistake on some of the paperwork and asked the RO to return to fix it, otherwise it would create a problem for the officer with him and his boss…The RO went back and when he returned he was confronted by another deputy who told him he had one chance to provide DNA and again he refused and so he was arrested…He is now going through court process and he was charged with ” failure to register” which as you know is a level 6 person felony for first offense. He lives in a small county, and a smaller township, he is an older person who he too has been registering for a very long time and has never been out of compliance. He has provided permission for his attorney to share his case with me, so I can understand exactly what and why he is being charged. Situations like this are very important for us all, so that we can take concerted effort to remain in compliance and further to be certain that there is no misunderstanding of the law by law enforcement.

I would like to thank both of these individuals for sharing their stories, as it is very important to share this information so the state lawmakers can see how these new laws are being enforced. One of the gentlemen shared with me that one of the deputy’s that worked with their local registration unit said that these laws established to punish freaks like you… Now a comment along those lines is completely uncalled for and is quite possibly terms for suspension. It is not the duty of those in the offender registration dept to treat individuals as if they are any less than any other person. The individual in this instance is elderly and was convicted well over 2 decades ago. Has no other convictions of any kind, and is declining in health. How can it be justified treatment? This is not a suspect of a crime, this is an individual who was convicted and has served out any recommendations from the court and has long since been done with such.. He is in compliance with local laws and makes no trouble for anyone… And now doesn’t feel safe, in fact it could be argued that based on this type of attitude of law enforcement towards offenders, they may not act appropriately when a crime is committed against an offender.. Perhaps the officer in case allowed his own prejudices to overcome his ability to maintain his professional demeanor… I’m sure that tax payers who pay his salary would not agree that his behavior is warranted, especially if his behavior somehow permeated their lives… This is an issue that I’m sure soon enough will be finding its way into the court system as actions like this are taken repeatedly against individuals who are simply trying to comply with the laws. Its counter intuitive on the part of any government to enact laws that force individuals to have regular visits with law enforcement, when the behavior of law enforcement creates fear and apprehension.

So I ask any of you out there to share your experiences as I will be working closely with Civil Rights groups to fight to create a registration environment that is fair, just and safe for both law enforcement officers as well as those whom they are charged with overseeing.. With these laws as with any law, comes a tremendous amount of responsibility on all parties.It is the duty of the government to provide continued protection to all citizens, even those who have been found in violation of any law, at any time, for any reason.

Like I said earlier; situations like this are very important for us all, so that we can take concerted effort to remain in compliance and further to be certain that there is no misunderstanding of the law by law enforcement. Even if in the long run a case is dropped due to a misinterpretation of the law by law enforcement, the fact is that a charge of failure to register can be extremely disrupting to both the offender as well as to their family members…

As a side note to JQ Public, if your reading this, I just would like you to understand we are talking about currently registered individuals whom the court decided that the legal charges did not warrant in many cases incarceration, or if incarceration was a part of the punishment as determined by statute, th DA in the jurisdiction the case was charged, as well as the final ruling of The Judge charged with the duty of overseeing and hearing the case,that any individual has served out the sentence aspect of probation or incarceration and is now living in the community and attempting to reintegrate into a natural social setting and environment, as best as they are able to do under the microscope and constant scrutiny of public exposure… These are thr indivisduals who freed now from the duty of thier sentence of probation, incarceration and or parole, aare trying to develope a normal sense of life to the best of their ability in light of the devastation of thier criminal case which yes was a part of their own design in many cases, they have fulllfilled the sentences imposed by traditional court rulings that are still priveledged to bank robbbers, muggers,thieeves,and bandits alike. It is the sex offender who lost this priveledge to standard entencing practices and who has been placed into this long term registration sentence. These individuals have followed all other parts of the sentence but must continue to register for whatever specified amount of time (subject to change in the future). Now Understanding this is simple enpugh, but what becomes difficult is to understand how a law, can come behind and change the original sentence imposed at the original time of sentencing. Changing the length or duration of time these previously convicted offenders are NOW required to register. Changing the law after someone has been convicted is one thing, modifying the original sentence imposed to change the length of time one must register is an imposition that has only in the history of the criminal court system of this country been apllied to ” sex offenders” reegarless of the offence: Public exsposre at a party, Urination in public… etc. So we have taken it upon ourselves as previously convicter ” offenders” to assert againast a law that came into effect in some cases 20 years after a conviction and many years after the other elments of the sentence has been completed.

Further for the person of the community I would like to add that again, the case I refer to herein in the blog is a case that asserts itself not to remove the registry entirely, not to restrict the registration requirements of offenders sentenced after July 1 2011, but to remove the retroactive aspect of the offender registration law as applied under SB37 in July 2011. To explain how the sb37 changed registration laws- it applied longer lengths of registration to offenders as well as altered many other elements of the previous registration laws. For the purpose of the case; We simply assert that the law should not be applied retroactively to offenders who were sentenced prior to the enactment of SB37 July 1 2011. This is the only assertion of this case. So for an example: In 2002 John B Public was convicted of lewd and lascivious behaviors, the DA recommended 24 months of probation and is required to register as a sex offender. He initiates his registration and is told he will be released of this obligation ten yrs from the date of initiation.. Lets use the dates of June 1 2004 as the original date of registration. Prior to July 1 2011, he would of been required to register until June 1 2014, assuming there was no lapse in his continued registration due to incarceration for any reason. Under the Law that went into effect July 1 2011, there was an additional 15 years imposed on him to register, even though under his original sentence he was only required to register for ten, and at time of law change has been in compliance for 7 years.Its this that we feel is a violation of the rights of all citizens. To be afforded the security of knowing that when a citizen has a restriction placed upon him or her for whatever reason that the conditions of that restriction are to remain constant unless notice has been provided beforehand that the restriction was subject to change. At no point was Jonh B Public prior to his acceptance of a plea agreement offered to him by the DA’s office presiding over his case, notified that his registration requirements were subject to change based on any legislative changes that may occur at any time in the future prior to the termination of his original 10 yr registration duties as an offender. It is this that we stand up and say no, enough is enough. You can create more strict laws, stronger punishments etc. But you cannot go in a backward motion and apply new laws to any person convicted of any crime in a past tense manner. This line must be drawn firm and clear in order to maintain the protection of the constitution, as well as the rights afforded to us in the bill of rights as citizens of a democratic society. In any society where certain fundamental rules are subject to change based on current trends, we have a society bent on inevitable revolution, as the changes and trends will never accommodate all citizens. It is a necessary component to any society to run in an orderly fashion, for certain elements of the laws to remain consistent and irrefutable. This creates a system where the citizens can trust and rely on both the consistency of the system as well as those granted with the privilege of governing the system.

Laws that affect punishments that have already been administered and handed down, should remain intact and consistent in order to establish a base line and credibility. If the peoples of a system must fear an ever-changing set of laws with in the scope of this discussion, this is certain to keep unrest at a level that could potentially facilitate outrage at any given point. If we as a people allow laws once rooted to be changed, modified or altered once established against any person or group of people’s as recommended by and to simply further the agenda of politicians, or those with whom interest lie in a potential financial gain by having altered the status quo, we place each and every citizen at risk for the potential to be a victim to the aforementioned agenda’s. This behavior is not consistent with a true democratic society. And will set the stage for further decline of the democracy we have relied upon to crumble beneath the feet of power hungry, corporate owned politicians and the agendas they support!

As a side note: Individuals who are currently incarcerated are not able to register for themselves, KDOC is responsible to manage their registration. Also to add here it has been consistent policy that any offender who is incarcerated shall not receive credit for registration during the time of incarceration.

Now back to the original point of individuals who have had recent issues with LE or the courts and for those who will do so in the future do to legislative changes…Its of elemental importance that when laws of this magnitude are imposed on individuals that all parties are very well educated both in the overt changes as well as the implied or subtle changes. This includes the offender who must comply with them, as well as all parties of law enforcement and the courts; to include Judges, DA’s and public and private criminal defense attorneys as well as employees of sheriff departments who are charged with the duty of overseeing the Offender registration units, and to include further Probation officers, parole officers and street cops who come into daily contact with registered offenders

No one educated me.. I was given a piece of paper, it was assumed I could read, and further assumed that I understood.

Considering the consequences to not only offenders but to families as well, it is of dire importance that those involved with the offender registration and law enforcement of such is held to an exceptional level of social service administration. When your job is to manage individuals its more than required of you to uphold the highest level of integrity at all times… Its the behavior of those who manage offender affairs who can take the lead and set a tone of education, integrity, and Justice for all…or on the downside, its these same individuals who can set a tone of fear,mismanagement, and arrogance that may very well be the last person encountered before a RO haphazardly reoffends due to a pychological break as a result of continuous abuse at the hands of those whom he has no recourse against or worse yet takes his own life and possibly the lives of others along with him.. Thats the sad truth, is that these folks we encounter when we must go in and register can make you feel like an absolute worthless piece of shit, and in doing so, may effect/affect that one psychologically struggling individual that as a result of being overwhelmed and tired of feeling like no matter how hard he tries to repent, resolve and rebirth himself as a viable and important part of the community, he finds doors slamming in his face over and over with no relief in sight…knowing in 3 months he will have to subject himself to a barrage of assaults at the hand of the one charge with managing his very freedom… its that one day he registers and the officer is just plain shitty, that he says screw it and terminates his registration by death as he takes the lives of maybe his own or that of others with him… These persons working closely with the offenders have a very direct and important duty to the community than to just monitor the where abouts… They are charged with the duty to be the individuals who must lead the way for many of these offenders out of the dark night and into the light of rebirth..The way in which these individuals handle, treat and talk to the many of these offenders could mean the difference between life and death for someone. But perhaps the individuals currently working in these departments lack the ability and people skills to do so, and maybe some are just thugs and bullies cleverly hiding behind a badge, uniform and riot gear… Its easy to intimidate an underdog a vulnerable person who lives in constant fear of being out of compliance to a law that will no doubt incarcerate at will… So I ask you, are you able to be a leader and to practice the very faith upon which your oath of to serve and protect is based upon? Whe we come to register we already feel like an asshole.. Your re affirming it to us does nothing more than to perpetuate the ” myth” that the finite difference between us and them is one got caught and the other did not… I challenge you as officers of the law, charged with the duty to be a leader and protector, to do so by example to lead by the example of treatment of people with the same respect you would expect from all others in their treatment of you and yours.

Now I understand and can already hear the litany of whims and whines of individuals out there who are taking up the argument of ” why do these people deserve fair and just treatment, look what they have done… their victims didn’t get the option of fair and just treatment”… I have a few responses to that argument; First however I would like to remind you that we have constructed our legal system in an manner that affords each individual the option of rehabilitation. It is our desire, goal and need as a community that we assist those who have strayed from the path of determined decency. So as you balk about fair and unfair, lest not you have to contend with in your own lives the lack of fairness of a system who seeks to punish you or yours. Further keep in mind that as this countries agenda changes and evolves into a corporate owned quasi dictatorship, its not far from the mark that it may very well be you and yours that one day you cry for a fair a just society.

*** This is where public education becomes paramount to understanding exactly what crimes fall under the guidelines to place one on the registry, who are committing these crimes, who the “victims” are and what you as a parent can do to instill knowledge into your children and keep them safe.*** and then to take it a step further, its of equal importance once these things are fully understood, to then understand the cost incurred by the community to enforce the governing of individuals who pose no threat,and further to understand the cost to pay for those individuals families lives because many offenders as a direct result of the publication on the registry, cannot find employment. Its not that employers are not willing to hire such individuals, as they are. What the employers balk at is their own company name being affiliated with these registration databases as a result of being the listed place of employment either by name or by address. Especially when there are vigilante groups out there willing to harass any company known to employ registered offenders.

So What crimes: I will not take the time to copy and paste the entirety of the statues. As the legal language is not plain and simple for the average citizen. But I will give you a highlight. There is a percentage of individuals on this registry who were convicted of indecent exposure (based on new Juvenile laws, this may soon be your kids or college students during hazing week). It could be yourself, your sister, hell it could be your mom! We are all aware of the propensity for the gals, when drinking with co workers, or on an all ladies night out… One seemingly inconsequential act could place you or a family member on the “sex offender registry”. Then further subjected to laws that are fiercely strict that are theoretically intended to monitor individuals who have grossly violated other persons in an act of sexual violence. Do you honestly think that your sister, out with the girls one night, perhaps slightly intoxicated, perhaps celebrating the coming nuptials of a close friend, loses a bet and has to flash the next passing car… Lurking around the corner is a LEO.. Its his duty to make the call and handle the situation. Now is she a “sex offender” as we traditionally think of it? Absolutely NOT… But she will be subject to many years of treatment as such as far as the law is concerned. Maybe friends and family will scoff and laugh at the notion, but the reality of being subject to public exposure and having your life scrutinized by laws and the public is no laughing matter.

Now the next one, urinating in public! Now, its not uncommon for many males of all walks of life, to occasionally take a leak in what they think may be a hidden place of the great outdoors. I can give to many examples to illustrate this point. I will assume that those of you reading this are able to put the ball in the hole yourself on this one!!! NO PUN INTENDED, a what the hell, pun is intended! We must allow our sense of humor to remain intact, especially during such politically gross times!

Now also if your convicted of Adultery, you to will be required to register. Now a lil know fact here, one I t I find extremely funny is that just after SB37 went into law in KANSAS, the governors office moved to have old unused laws stricken from statute. Adultery being one of them. Well, is it any coincidence that policy makers and those in the public eye wish to have adultery stricken? As a 41 yr old female, I cannot with any level of honestly that a majority of individuals I know involved in some form of long term committed relationship is free from the destructive activities of adultery. In the years I have slowly and painfully grown into a discerning adult, I have witnessed more adultery among my peers and public figures that as a young catholic school girl seeking to take up marriage with god, I never would have imagined that adults can be so downright deplorable in their morals,virtues,integrity, and with their word. It seemed the ones who were supposed to be of greatest virtue, were indeed the ones possessed with the most guilt. Now, I myself have failed beloved others and ventured out into an unknown landscape looking for emotional connections, that at times led to intimate encounters. I have accept my mistakes and my human frailties, as I have worked diligently to learn. Eyes wide open here. I would not take this decision today if I was involved and felt a lack within that relationship.

Kinda funny, as I write this I am listening to t 95 morning show, and they are talking about our selves and spouses having sex dream… One thing brought up in this show, nails this discussion… The dream where your spouse dreams your cheating… Why? because this is an ever pervasive fact of human relations. Human relations are frail at best. It can be argued by Freudian or Jungian thinkers that dreams of our spouses stepping out, is but a reflection of our own innate unexpressed desires. And for this very condition of our humanness, we are subject to public ostracism by the very peers who are thinking about, worrying about and acting out on the very same things…

Is it that we so hate our own human condition that we seek any opportunity to expose the weaknesses of us all, in order to make oneself feel validated and justified in some way?

Now another law that if violated places individuals onto the “sex offender registry” is that of the 18 to 20 yr old guy who is ” in love” with his first love perhaps and she happens to be 14 to 17…We have all been there… In fact their is several generations that this was the norm, encouraged, and often young daughters were bartered off into marriage at a very young age: for a number of reasons! One being back in the day, it was simply one less mouth to feed, another was for the sake of procreation. As it was once deemed that a young female body was more appropriate and sturdy to handle the burdens of childbearing. We have long since come to know facts that dispel many myths.. The point is, this was at one time an encouraged behavior. How many of you have grandparents or great grandparents that are more than 5yrs apart.

The above group makes up a significant number of individuals on the current sex offender registry.

Now to deal with a more unnatural group. Those persons who you see that have a charge of “ATTEMPTED”. The majority of individuals with a charge of ATTEMPTED , many were arrested by some form of “sting”. Now, we can debate here a number of things. First we can assume that because they participated in conversations with who they were led to believe was a minor,in no way is proof positive 1) that they actually believed the individual was a minor… who knows what any individual is thinking in spite of what his words may say on a screen. Back in the day of AOL, in the early 2000’s when I was learning to hack, it was not uncommon for me or several of the individuals that I was running with to have chats with others and to create a completely false identity. Maybe I was pretending to be a man maybe a …. the fact is, that when chatting online, there is always that knowledge that the person we may be talking to may indeed be a completely fake persona and us the pansy to whom they are experiencing a great amount of laughter at our expense. In fact we at one time had a website we called the AOL wall of Shame… We would cut and paste conversations we had in private chats with individuals on this wall, then spam the chat room with the link to the wall in an attempt to embarrass the individual. It was effective to the point that people became suspicious of any private chat invitation. The very point we were illustrating is that ” when your sitting in your cozy room you can never know for certain who it is your talking to, as you reveal personal info” It was a backwards way of providing a public service at the time when chat rooms and the web and private chat was all still very new. So when these primarily men, are arrested for ATTEMPTED…. There is no way to say with any level of certainty that they would have physically acted out. Further, isn’t this basically entrapment of some kind? I mean yea , sure alot of these adult men were talking to what they believed were young ladies, but we still cant say that they would have taken action. At a time when the world wide web was blowing up and was new and exciting, many were trying out new things, perhaps as morbid curiosity. Is it true to say that if given a chance to commit a crime undetected a person would? Because by accusing one individual of such, we indite the whole. Are we all theoretically capable and culpable. Assuming NO ONE would ever know… In the eyes of god we are all one in the same, and we all carry the stain of humanity. We each struggle with how we will wash clean the impurities of the human experience.. I believe it was for this purpose Jesus allegedly Died for our SIN. So the stories tell us.

Now they next group of people, are people like myself. I was convicted of Agg Indecent liberties. No one ever explained to me why my charge was aggravated, as I have several others whom I work with , with the same basic experience and their charges did not have the agg factor. But agg or not… This group is the group of early to late 20’s who by incident found themselves in a one time situation with a minor. That minor being of adult appearance and usually 15 or 16. There was no instance of the “offender” seeking out an individual that was specifically a minor, and usually when it became clear the individual was actually a minor all relations were terminated. In some instances the adult, upon finding out the other party was in fact underage, attempted to protect the minor from what was thought would be legal charges against the minor and acted to protect them. The stories inside the range of this group are wide and varied. Some were totally misled, others the age never came up due to the place where the individuals met ( bar, party of adults etc). Of all the people I have spoke with in this group,I can say with good certainty, that these individuals are not child predators and have no emotional or sexual interest towards what is considered to be a teenager. These folks either just simply made a bad decision, an error in judgement, of were out and out lied to and misled. These folks, after having paid their crime and have shown through the initial 10 yrs that they are not out there scoping out teenagers for relations, and should be redeemed.

I would like to mention that above group does not include teachers, clergy,sport coaches, or law enforcement officers or jailers etc who have direct and confirmed knowledge of the individuals age and or vulnerability and who act in a direct capacity of implied responsibility to the minor or adult individual and their families.

Its at this point we begin to find the individuals on the registry who acted with intent. But this group represents the smaller number of people on the registry. Because as we get deeper into the group dealing with actual children, a good number of those individuals when convicted were sentenced to prison.

So this is the summary of the offender list, then you of course now add violent offenders which also has a wide range of crimes, and drug offenders. Who is next… Speculation has long thought DUI offenders, as if that will serve the public as your driving along the road… Oh hey I saw that guy on the DUI list, I better get away from his moving vehicle.. And now there is a surging interest in Animal Abusers list, and several counties around the country have such. Who is next, and which member of your family will be the one listed on these public registries.

So we have taken a look at what the main crimes are… We left out those in possession or manufacturing of child porn and we left out those who are involved in human trafficking.

I DO NOT want to downplay trafficking as it is a serious epidemic spreading across the world and needs concerted effort to put as many road blocks to this activity as possible. In fact I would be very interested myself in working in this field. As an abandoned child and eventual runaway, I can imagine no greater a fear than that of having been scooped up by what seemed to be someone who wanted to take care of me, to help me, only to find myself waking up in a foreign country and being drugged up and forced to participate in the various activities forced on these kids and adults. These people prey on lost souls… Runaway kids and wandering lost adults who have fallen away from a family if they have any. Many are women who have run from abusive relationships and seeking refuge find themselves in the arms of yet another abuser.

Now I also real quick want to say that I am adamantly against the violations upon individuals where a lack of consent existed, or a lack of knowledge.. I work diligently with my own child to educate him as I can to be aware of people with friendly faces that wear a mask that underneath is an individual who is out to cause selfish harm. I do not condone adult to child sexual relations, nor do I condone any activity that is coerced or forced. I am a proponent of responsible existence. We all have this responsibility, however in my travels across the landscape of humanity, I have found that most people do not take personal, social and relational responsibility as serious as they should. This includes individuals whom we have placed in positions of leadership and power of all kinds! From clergy all the way down to day care providers.

This is where self reflection and subsequent education comes in as the most powerful ally to prevent crimes against our children. I have a young women I do some mentoring with, and her claim to fame within her own family is that she can honestly say, that in-spite of all the abuse her family experienced from the lack of maturity of the parents, the one thing she can say it that she was never sexually violated! She represents the average mid to low income Wichita gal. Several children in her family with more than one baby daddies.. She is approx 25 now. And the norm among her peers was some kind if not several types of sexual exploitation and exploration at a very early age.

Its her sentiments that leads us to realize we have an epidemic of sorts. But a sex offender registry that cost upwards of 4 million dollars in KANSAS does nothing to prevent these issues. Especially when you realize that the majority of “offenders” on these registries are no threat. The threat lies in the home, in the school, in the church,in the camp.. The issues lie with individuals to whom we place imminent trust. Individuals whom we think and feel are being of assistance to our children and our families. And at a time where we are so busy, and so strapped financially, and so consumed with our own needs that are going unmet.. These are the very conditions that leave your child wide open for exploitation.

So now you have learned a bit more about what this registry is. It is an extreme expense to the community, it monitors primarily individuals who need not be concerned with, the real predators lay in wake cleverly disguised as a friendly person just trying to help you or your child … Stranger danger will always be a concern. I mean that guy or gal that jumps out and snatches your child. But this is not the norm, and these people once caught spend their lives in prison. Not in the community to be monitored. in the rare instances a real predator is released into the community, then yes, action need be taken to closely watch over their actions. But the people on the registry current, most have no threat to you or yours.. Your more likely to be convicted yourself for indecent exposure than most individuals in the registry are of harming your child.

As a community we need to reach out and take the law makers by the hand and guide them to make laws that will not stigmatize the entirety of the community. We need to have stronger laws and incarceration times for individuals who commit crimes against innocents, and vulnerable individuals… Stronger charges against those who use a trust relation to slowly manipulate everyone’s trust in order for them to commit crimes. YES!!! But all this silliness with this public registry that destroys individuals and the families of those.. This is not the answer to a social problem. The kids that are getting violated are the kids whose families are torn apart, and the child spends more time alone or in their room than with the parents and family. We need to take back the family, we need to teach each other how to love and grow as individuals, thereby strengthening our ability to have better relations across the board including and especially with our children. There are many more appropriate ways of tackling this social epidemic and getting a grasp on it. And something that many do not wish to discuss is the teenagers who are out there running wild, with very little parental control. I have witnessed it. As a Manager to a 24hr restaurant where we employed for our mid shift a number of high schoolers, I was blown away at how openly and blatantly these kids are acting out… drugs, sex and a complete lack of respect for anything including themselves. And a majority of these kids came from a school district where the parents are educated, well off, and work all the freaking time. Another issue needed to be addressed is the proper assessment of those convicted of certain crimes to determine rather they are indeed an offender or a predator… predators lack an ability to be truly rehabilitated, offenders have great potential to learn new and better ways of living within the community.Its no ones right over another individual to take away the rights of Birth. Its the individuals themselves who need to be able to determine if they are able to manage in a free society. We MUST create new ways of “treating” these individuals, as a service to humanity, ourselves and the right of birth upon which all free humans exist!

We have slowly been seduced by the comfort of televised entertainment, that slowly turned to net linked entertainment, all the while the corporate sharks have swam in the waters of lust and greed slowly rocking us into a sweet sleep of human gratification. Now as our government becomes infested with slime balls whose agenda is to pay homage to the corporate gods, its us that is the sacrifice… Our families, our children, our lives and the very principles upon what a democratic society is built upon… Using our fears against up to subtly control our votes, using our lusts against us to steal our consumer dollars…Our two place of power, our minds and our dollars… Well they forgot about on primal instinct… The SOUL, THE HEART, THE VERY FORCE OF LIFE THAT PULSES THROUGH THE VEINS OF A SENTIENT BEING THAT REFUSES TO BE SOLD UP THE RIVER OF CONSUMER CARNAGE!

Take a stand for the constitution, say no to corporate ownership of america..

It is not the way to handle our misgivings by prosecuting everyone else. As parents, as humans, we need to take in part some responsibility. We need to shift our focus not onto the fear, but onto the faith. Building strong healthy relationships with ourselves is what leads to the same with all those with whom we connect, most importantly our kids! Always keeping in mind its a work in progress.

Get into court, the court date is 9 am Friday April 20th at Sedgwick County court house floor 5, Judge Eric Commerce.

I’ve provided you with much to think about and this is just the beginning of what you need to know about in order to stand responsibly against the storm we are facing.

Some other related issues we need to be mindful of are;

The privatization of the Prison System

ALEC: American Legislative Exchange Counsil

Flawed forensics cost lives

Be peaceful, be accountable,, be responsible, BE AMERICAN… Lets show the world that AMERICANS are the backbone of this country and that we are willing to take back our country AND our lives from an over zealous corporate agenda that has its eye on privatizing the country to the point of secular corporate rule of all peoples!

How do those things tie in? You tell me …..do they or don’t they ??? I encourage your emails, responses and phone calls!

Regards with peace love and compassion

Victoria Bliss
Registered Offender 2001

Word the day: Attainder-n. The loss of all civil rights by a person sentenced for a serious crime. [< OFr. attaindre, to convict] Source: AHD

In the context of the Constitution, a Bill of Attainder is meant to mean a bill that has a negative effect on a single person or group (for example, a fine or term of imprisonment). Originally, a Bill of Attainder sentenced an individual to death, though this detail is no longer required to have an enactment be ruled a Bill of Attainder.

A bill of attainder is a legislative act which inflicts punishment without a judicial trial.

Definition of bill of attainder
a legislative act finding a person guilty of treason or felony without a trial; “bills of attainder are prohibited by the Constitution of the United States”


One comment on “edited: Any Kansans have “experiences” with the NEW LAW yet??? And wow can I say this out LOUD…and Nothing good ever resulted from greed!

  1. From the article I can tell you know what your talking about. Thank you for sharing this quality information. Please post some other articles on the same topic.


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