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Screwed by the new kid on the block (yea I said THAT) who was brought on by Brownback! Nice way to flex your muscle…


Kansas Supreme Courts have released opinions on 4 cases affecting sex offender registration affecting those who were convicted prior to the infamous ( SB 39 ) 2011 change in the Kansas sex offender registration act…

In short 3 cases were heard by six of the sitting supreme court justices and a a senior district court judge who was sitting in the interim while the vacant seat was filled by appointment of our beloved Governor Brownback.

The forth case was heard by the six original and the newly appointed  Supreme Court justice, Caleb Stegall.

In the first 3 cases the votes were 4/3 finding that the law was punitive.

In the case with Governor Brownback’s newly appointed legal eagle the votes were 4/3 that the new law was not punitive…

Evidently because the case with Supreme Court justice, Caleb Stegall, having been the latest case heard by the Kansas Supreme Court, it overturns the ruling on the previous 3 cases. His lone vote has affected thousands upon thousands of Kansas sex offenders, their families and those who live with, love and have waited patiently for a release from this psychological and sometimes physical prison, after having completes their original sentences of probation, prison, parole or a combination of the aforementioned along with the original 10 year registration originally imposed on cases where the conviction date was prior to July 1 2011.

Some tid bits about the not so New Kid on the block, evidently he has been hanging around the republican and Governor Brownback’s sack for quite a while….. Introducing Newly Appointed Supreme Court justice, Caleb Stegall.  Fast-tracker extraordinaire!




I am currently researching all the info and will be adding more to this blog….

For current info see news story in the Kansas City Star @



To read the opinions of these 4 cases by the Kansas Supreme Courts

go here :   http://www.kscourts.org/Cases-and-Opinions/Opinions/SupCt/2016/20160422/20160422.htm

How to become a Kansas State Supreme Court Justice:


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