Gov Brownback.. Does he really care? What about our legislators?

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“They passed a law in Washington saying a lobbyist can’t legally go to dinner with a congressman. Legally, a dinner counts as a sit down meal with cutlery. When I had a restaurant we would put in bar stools for meetings, so the meals counted as standing up. We need laws that close those loopholes.”

– Jack Abrmoff


I was appalled by an email I received today from Child Care Aware…Not only by the fact that the leg wants to repeal tax credits that would take away from Kansas Families, but by the plain simple fact that our Governor allegedly placed a filter on his email to send out an auto reply and sending folks to his website rather than sending emails directly to his inbox… I’m sure that he is getting an overwhelming amount of communications regarding this issue. But to be so BLATANTLY RUDE…

That’s the message he consistently sends out to the people via his actions.
(I will put the email in the bottom of this post so you can take action…)

You will remember that there is/was an investigation over rather he invited only selected individuals for alleged political dinners at the home WE PAY FOR… The one him and his family reside in because WE ELECTED HIM… The one he has not to pay a mortgage or taxes on, nor pay for the upkeep and beautification of…

Also you will remember that there was some 100 or so petitions for pardons this last year to which he handed out NONE!

NOT ONE PERSON??? Was worthy of a pardon out of all of those? But he can spend the time to repeal a bunch of old laws that were just sitting around.. Hmm ok a great way to spend ones time when the states budget and economy are going to hell in a handbasket..  Here is a Pro Family Plan.. New Yorks own Working Families Party

Brownbacks style of politics has all but devastated Kansas families, yet he lives free of charge on our tab. We the average public struggles and he pays off another home while he and his family live freely in the Gov Mansion.Where one room is as big as my whole house I rent…

I will admit that the above two examples are slight and perhaps do not hold much merit. But the fact is they exist along side many other examples that can be given if I chose to spend time doing even a small bit of research to add them here along with links etc. But its late, im tired and in alot of pain and have much end of school activities going on with my son..These are just off the top of my head… Do your own research on this guy… His leadership has failed Kansas and it is clear when looking to the overall condition of the state since he took office. While you do the research on that, Ill try and figure a way to buy my son a copy of the year book and pay for the 2nd round of school pics and the class pic ( since I may have to move, and if so he will have to transfer schools and lose recently made friends)… Oh wait my gas is about to get shut off… Well in spite of this news; I will get up tomorrow and have breakfast with my small fry, and try to find ways to get him into some kind of summer activity so he doesn’t just sit at home bored and listening to me worry about money…But lord knows Mr Brownback and groupies wont come off the 1500 I need to keep my son in some kind of program for the summer… God forbid I email him about my needs and concerns, Id get an auto reply that skims over my concerns…


Here is a copy of the email I received… Please read and follow the directions in oreder to respond, also call him, call your reps, call any and all you can… Make noise Stand up and be heard… WE NEED TO TAKE BACK KANSAS…Brownback and his groupies have gone as far as we should allow… any further and we will only see a greater divide between the rich and the poor… Brownbacks nickname should be byebyeMiddleclass Brownback…If anyone has info on anything related to this please add it to this page as a comment… Its vital we work together to become educated and active!!

The email

Dear Victoria”””””Earlier today, I sent an email alerting people to the tax plan approved by the Kansas House yesterday, which would repeal tax credits important to Kansas families. Specifically, the adoption, food sales tax, child and dependent care and child day care credits would be repealed.

The Governor has put a filter on his public email, which means people received an “automatic response” redirecting them to his web site, rather than sending an email directly to the Governor’s office. Even if you have already sent a message to the Governor, please follow these instructions to make sure that he actually receives it through his web form (otherwise, we are concerned that our emails may not reach him; they could stop at the point where automatic responses are received).

Directions to Make Our Voices Heard Through Governor Brownback’s Web Form:

1) Click on this link, which brings you to a page called, “Legislation and Policy Issues” or, cut and paste this URL into your browser: http://governor.ks.gov/serving-kansans/constituent-services/legislation-and-policy-issues

2) Fill in the fields with your name and address and then you will see a drop down box for category. Choose: KS Budget (there is no category for children or for families).
3) Next you will see: a box titled, “issue/concern”
4) Cut & Paste the following text into the comment box:

I am writing to urge that you veto House bill 2117, which repeals tax credits important to Kansas families with children.
The economy is weak at best. Families with children need all the help they can get. Tax credits provide modest relief and yet play a key role in helping families get by in a struggling economy.
I share your goal to bring the budget into balance, but there are other ways to do it than repealing tax credits critical to working families.
Please veto House bill 2117 and tell state legislators to find a more balanced approach to state budgeting. Families with children are counting on you.

5) Then, press submit.

I know it is a little extra work. But, I think it is worth it. The Governor has set up a filter to receive comments to his office and we want to make doubly sure that our message is heard. Thank you for your efforts. Together, we can make a difference.


That was the email I read… So repealing tax credits for childcare… Sounds just freaking great… That way more and more people will have to turn to SRS the state in order to get childcare assistance…Or if you happen to have the luxury of being a part of a couple, then maybe one of you can just quit your job to stay home with the kids… But we wont even begin to list the litany of financial and social issues that will cause… Not to mention if your a single parent who has to cover everything on one income, including time management just to be able to see that little face you struggle to provide care for so that you can work so that you can provide care for so that you can work so that …………………………………………

Truthfully I do not care rather your a Brownback groupie or not, I don’t care if you have kids or not, I don’t care if this affects you directly or not….( not that i don’t actually care, but i mean i do not care on what side you stand) THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA… Please take a stand on this issue… We are an interdependent organism.. Its vital to all that we all flourish at least on some basic level… The more poverty we have, the more it affects the vitality of the whole… Its important that our kids have quality care… In fact, it could be reasoned that when families cant afford quality childcare in a childcare setting, that many will resort to leaving their children with less than quality family members or neighbors out of sheer necessity to work in order to feed them…Subsequently exposing those children to the very crimes the ADAM WALSH ACT has set out to prevent! Its also no secret that poverty is a breeding ground for a variety of crimes both committed against and by children…

Its time to take back the state… These folks are just making one bad decision after another, and now with as much pressure and stress as they are under to make decisions… We all know how easy it is to make ridiculously bad decisions under duress!! Especially when they are coming up on election… many of these folks are fervently worried they will be looking for a new gig come the end of the year…Well guess what… Its time to OWN THE VOTE!

Arthur Miller wrote, “Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.”


2 comments on “Gov Brownback.. Does he really care? What about our legislators?

  1. It seems you are focusing on issues that only affect you. Take your own advice. Look at the big picture of the ENTIRE ORGANISM, as you so eloquently put it. Take off those blinders and do some homework on the economic and financial implications of the ENTIRE change. Try not to use fear tactics (SRS will be overrun…) on the loss of a measley $200 credit. Instead, focus on improving your own lot and educate yourself, work your butt off, and they, perhaps, you’ll understand those of us who do the same to support entitlement believers like yourself. Get out there and work, donate your time and help make a difference instead of sitting on your rear and throwing darts at those with real ideas for change. – Signed…Making a Difference.


    • Well Jeff, First I would like to thank you for your time you took to read and respond to the article. I will have you know that I have in the past 25 yrs of my adult life given much time of myself to a great number of organizations and causes… And now I spend my time effortlessly educating the public on a number of issues and topics that affect the world as we know it. I do so without compensation… I do so on the heels of 3 major neck reconstruction surgeries.. I do so none the less. So while you may feel that you were in turn to utter those variances to which you believed in the moment to be accurate. I am here to inform you that you’re mistaken. My lot has at times been quite well, reaping in more in a month than many did in the same year. Also I do not personally take a tax credit for childcare… My son is school aged, and currently does not attend full time before or after school care programs.
      Just for the record I am from the school of when I win, we all win.
      As far as families taking a blow, well the tax credits for child care or dependent care can become quite a nugget for many families. Those with multiple children really enjoy the money they get back for working their “butts off” to raise and pay for their children. Child care is quite expensive for those families …Many who do not have access to education or the ability to gain employment that provides them with the type of earning that would allow them to be so chagrin as yourself. Many of our families fall into the gray area of middle-class. Those who make to much for any type of social assistance when it comes to their children, but do not make enough to take vacation or provide their children with ongoing educational opportunities outside of the school setting. And when you couple the tax cuts with the educational cuts being made on a continuous basis; this cripples the kids of these families against the backdrop of a society that places value in ongoing self-improvement that begins at a much younger median age level NOW then it did even 20 years ago. In part we can thank the introduction of technology into the homes for this dynamic increase in both abilities and expectations. All of that being simply a part of the times and the growth and development of the society yes, but these things come at a price. A price that parent must pay in order for their kids to keep up emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically. Kids need all avail resources a parent can muster. Not all parents can afford to offer their time freely, as they are simply too busy with the daily goings on of the lives to which they are directly responsible.
      I make time; I take my son with me to help others when it’s practical, possible and appropriate. Not all peoples are like me however. I am well aware.
      You made some pretty gregarious assumptions about my character, life and life style choices when you do not even know me. Further some families are getting hit on multiple sides of this, so that “measly 200” can really begin to make a difference in the lives of many. For some that measly 200 will buy their children’s summer clothes for the year, as it’s the only way they may have the extra 200 to do it.
      I agree with you that education is a matter of extreme importance, not only for children, but as a lifelong process. However the reality is; many people do not feel this way or have the skill sets designed to get them through a college bound program at all, not to mention when they are also working and raising kids.
      This is not about the entitlement issue. This is about practical issues that serve the greater good. Again when we all thrive on some basic level this only serves to perpetuate overall growth. A lopsided society stays lopsided. However, it is over the interest to the heavy side of the lop, to keep it that way. That is one of the things I AM adamantly against.
      Perhaps you have spent time in Egypt or South America, or any relative society where there simply is no middle class. If so then you would understand the pretense and position from where my perception stands. I have seen elderly persons living huddled in mausoleums living among decay. Why, because the families are unable to provide for them in their twilight years.
      When we look at budget issues we must take into consideration the needs of those who are vulnerable. Primarily children, elderly and disabled. Many of whom are cared for by those who have to work to provide shelter, food, clothing, along with other basic needs. These things cost a great deal of money. Not everyone has the fiscal ability to pay it all on a ten buck and hour job. That just how it is.
      Many folks work their butts off in the capacity for which they are able. Not everyone is a lobbyist in their own right, nor can they be. We all have differing skills, abilities, interest and the levels/lack of knowledge/education to support all of the above. I hear you loud… You’re telling us about yourself, you work your day job, and by night; goes to donate your time to fight for change… ( I do not mean night to be taken literal) I encourage those same ideals every single post I put. However we all have different needs and ideal about change… That my friend is a fact we can rely on. Please do not insinuate that just because someone does not share your goals, agenda, beliefs or ideal, that somehow they must be uneducated, ineffective or just sitting around on the well-padded rump doing nothing but throwing darts. Because I will say, that while its fact we all will always disagree on many things in life and the best path to take for the manifestation of the greater good, its also fact that assumptions and unsupported bias judgment will keep us clung to a past that can no longer support the enormity of burdens our society now has resting on our shoulders. We need and rely on a new way to be forged. But we rely on that path to be forged with the same democratic principles that have started every school child’s day for many a year.
      I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation indivisible under god with liberty and justice for ALL…
      We must take care to our own, and in doing so by time they to will take care of us. Cutting tax breaks to those who rely on that measly 200 is not a solution. It’s a band aid at the cost of the vulnerable who are dependent on that small pittance.
      I want to thank you again however for your time and attention to this post, and for your reply. I encourage various viewpoints as a means to educate and grow the consciousness of all those interested parties. We all possess something of relevance and value. And by creating an open dialogue where acceptance and understanding are the underlying core principles, perhaps we as a society can begin the transformation into a more maturing society that takes into account the varying needs of its members.
      I invite you to continue to participate, but in doing do be mindful not to take a critical position directly or indirectly towards individuals you encounter here, but to honor your own expressed spirit of contribution, education, and working your butt off to make a difference. We will humbly accept your valuable input if done so in a manner consistent with the spirit in which you have proclaimed. Please do not come here and throw darts yourself, especially when we provide no dartboard per sei, but merely a place in which ideas can be shared, exchanged, deliberated and perhaps new meanings and ways can arise from the proverbial stew…I feel you have much you could share with my many readers who like myself has their own ideas and beliefs, some I’m sure quite contrary to my own. But ultimately we share some same goals, and one is to ensure the rights afforded to all citizens of this country no matter who they are. When we deny or enslave one individual’s rights and liberties afforded to a citizen, we by proxy have said that anyone is subject to the same. Here at KansasLaw.wordpress.com we adamantly believe in the rights of citizens and the power of the people. When either of those has been tampered with, hampered or altered then the foundation of the USA is in peril. So while our beliefs may differ and even the road we take may be miles apart.. Getting to the same place is what is of relevance. We all want whats best for our country, her citizens and the future generation that have yet to be born. As a maturing nation, surely we, as its people can begin to find cooperative methods to ensure the well being and longevity of this once great but now tentatively turbulent nation and her peoples!

      Something to keep in mind my friend..

      It’s not the message; it’s the messenger that brings about an untimely demise to a great message. Just as well it’s a great message that in kind, brings about the untimely demise of the messenger.
      – Victoria Bliss / KansasLaw.wordpress.com

      The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” — Justice Louis Brandeis


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