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More on the current Political manuering (intended) regarding the Kansas Supreme Court rulings on sex offender registration !

Here is an article that explains a bit better what kind of legal mumbo jumbo that was pulled by Governor Brownback’s Regime regarding the Kansas Supreme Court rulings involving sex offender registration. There were 4 cases heard in total. 3 of the cases proved all that hard work paid off, however on the 4th case the ball was intercepted in an illegal political steal. … And Yes Governor Brownback, I hold you and your regime RESPONSIBLE !

I, as a convicted felon –  did my 36 months of PROBATION – minus a few months. I was released early, because I’m just such a threat… so less than three years PROBATION , but yet here I am 12 years later and I am so worn down, beaten, and exhausted from simply trying to defend my son and HIS RIGHT to privacy and HIS RIGHT to not be harassed, and HIS RIGHT to not to have to be changed from school to school because of harassment issues and bullying problems by teachers, students, as well as other parents… A direct result of my public registration slash castration that should if been complete February 27th 2011…. yes Governor Brownback I do take it personal… Bxz it AFFECTS MY 12 yr old sons life QUITE personally and adversely…

I’m working on a piece a blog/ email that’s going to address how this law  “protects” my son,  by placing him on the front line to become a victim, not to me the fkn offender, but  to our neighbors, the neighborhood children, the kids at school, teachers at schools, a VICE PRINCIPAL, school district itself and public opinion… Im the felon, NOT my son… Something that happened before he was born, that had nothing to do with him, he is paying the highest price of ALL.

So Governor Brownback On behalf of my son and children everywhere throughout our state,  whose families these kids try to protect,  because Society has taught these kids and other family members to duck, hide, lie or whatever else they have to do because they feel they have to protect their family, themselves , and the family member who is the offender from the laws designed to protect these same kids..

If only you could walk a mile in my sons shoes, his knowledge and wisdom would shame your own.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”

– Bob Marley

All this is doing is creating a whole new generation of extremely angry, and also potentially deviant  and dangerous young people who have learned from very early on how to lie,manipulate, hide and cajole because they couldn’t just be kids….Because YOU were protecting them Governor Brownback….Good Job!


So Who’s going to payback all of these kids for what they have sacrificed ? Their childhoods they have lost so that you could be a Hotshot political force to be reckoned with. Who is going to pay the costs of dealing with the kids emotional, psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and sometimes physical wounds? You ? Your current regime ? Your law? The Law designed to ” protect children” !   Children who currently can’t even play outside,  or be enrolled in their neighborhood school….There is a whole generation of kids that’s growing up where they can’t even have friends, the most important Hallmark of childhood – your friendships, because that sets the stage for the adult you’re going to become…. You’ve got that covered though don’t you Governor Brownback?

Of course by the time that these children are adults and cycling through the system you’ll be long gone because your time will have expired… The only thing that you’re going to leave behind is a memory of further dysfunction, deficits across the spectrum and scars; to be known as one of the single most abhorred ruling figures, in the state of Kansas’s history, as well as in the United States of America.

My guess after this Governor Brownback is that your political/ public service career is going to take;  well in the spirit of being in the air capital of the country a proverbial “nosedive” , but thank you Governor Brownback… ^5 for so many jobs well done. Your constituents the real ones, the average people of your state, think very little of you.



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