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Good reading …

I just spent this morning reading about the Kentucky supreme court cases involving Offenders and expost facto issues..

I was pleased and found it refreshing and forward thinking… so check out Kentucky..

“It will behoove the Supreme Court Justices of other states as well as the USSC to begin to look closely at the current laws of their jurisdiction, and to begin to move in a forward thinking direction, rather than continue to be held back by a fearful and socially negligent position that serves not the public, but only a narrow understanding of the intent and virtues of the very constitution in which they have been charged with the duty to uphold.

It is when we begin to make one exception to the rule , that is becomes quite simple to make another and then again another. To find proof of this, ask any parent who caved in and stopped at McDonald’s that one time, when at first they said no..” Oh just this one time a weary parent mocks as they pull in to the drive thru, only to hear the echos of the twenty times before when they said they same litany of words… If we can make an exception to whom the constitution applies and does not apply, in one instance, it will be but a matter of time before we find ourselves making more and more exceptions to the very rules that give structure to the foundation of this country. It is the liberties and goals of the democratic ideal, that was written into the fabric of the constitution by the men who risked life and limb in search of freedom from an oppressive government… It is this that we are challenging… To place a quick stop to the deterioration of the fabric that our forefathers so carefully wove, the fabric that provided the warmth, strength and courage to become the country we once were, but are slowly falling away from with each small allowed decay to encroach on the very liberties insured by the document we call the United States Constitution.” – Victoria Bliss


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