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  1. I have a site that works on Missouri laws and as we know Kansas has considered using some of the Missouri laws as templates for their own laws. I have done what I believe to be the most work on the subject of residency restrictions. I have also been trying to get States to recognize that the registered sex offender is a classification that has been misused due to the lack of a qualified description or definition.

    I like to concentrate on the laws that remove rights or violate other laws and can affect the public at large is such ways as to later remove from them their rights and cause the formation of a Police State. If you would like to reprint any information from my site let me know and I will be glad to let you.


  2. Please contact me if you need info on Ohio’s history with the Adam Walsh Act.


  3. Hi Victoria I would really like to speak with you in person or via phone please get a hold of me thank you.


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