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Still waiting…

Just want to let you know I still have not heard from Kansas Public Defender Jason Smartt about the ruling on our pending court case.

I will be making calls come Monday to him as well as calls to all of you who have contacted me… If you have questions or would like to share any info that you may have, please send me your contact info so that I can return your emails or calls next week.

Also I just want to thank all of you out there who work diligently to promote the site and the case. I am beginning to take a close hard look at the laws affecting Juvenile offenders… We need to follow suit of Ohio and get those elements of SB37 out of here too!

These are young kids, whose lives have yet to even begin… The fact that there are so many juvenile offenders needs to serve as a WAKE UP call to our society as a whole… This is a reflection of America.. Of all of us… These are OUR children, and something is dangerously wrong…

This is a huge issue…  this issue needs to be taken very serious… and acted upon swiftly… Something to think about…Many of these kids get removed from their home, and placed into the foster care system.. Left to grow up in facilities, alone, isolated and feeling totally abandoned… They are the most difficult to place into a home as a result of their offenses, often misunderstood offenses. So they fail to thrive in the areas of familial socialization and domestic care…Then cut loose into the world at 18 or so, to hold their own, crippled in so many ways already, not to mention the issues of offender registration, jobs, money,place to live etc… The way these new laws have chosen to deal with Juvenile Offenders places these kids at great risk of incarceration as soon as they enter the adult world.. A world where certain liberties are often taken for granted, and a survival of the fittest mentality co exists alongside the remainder of the society who are just plain out uneducated about law, politics and the very screws and screwdrivers that put together the world we live in… Stand up get active in your local governments… This is the only way we can ensure a society where democracy and freedom shall remain for all…Including now those who we traditionally have protected….


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