Polls – Please take a moment to share with us…

The poles we place here, will provide us with invaluable info about the RO community as a whole!



7 comments on “Polls – Please take a moment to share with us…

  1. To everyone who has voted so far, I want to thank you for your active participation! One small stone at a time, we will add ripples to the lake… The ripples shall become wave’s and the waves will facilitate CHANGE!

    Every voice matters in this plight to re-balance the scales of Justice!

    peace to all

    ********* plb*********

    Victoria Bliss @ Kansas Law


    • My son was convicted spent 3.5 yrs. Registered for the 10 yrs, went to be released they had him register for another year, He done his time, so now they have set him up for another review in 2026. he was a teenager, so was the girl. he is going to be 34 in November, he has children, the first time he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone, who has kids, they are being harassed. Each case should be looked into as an individual. Kansas Laws should be changed. How terrible for someone who was young had consentual sex should be punished in their homes, community, holding a job, or not being able to get a job. I know several young people in this same situation. It is a shame that Kansas as many other states keep them registering for the money. I hope and pray that kansas changes laws for them. Where is the punishment for the females who were involved. being made an example of in court, not being able to testify or have our witnesses testify on my son’s behalf.


  2. does this site do anything?


  3. My son was 11 years old when he was convicted of criminal sodomy he was charged as a juvenile he spent 7 years locked up they told him when he got out he would only have to register for 2 years well the 2 years past they tell us he has to register for life. Come on he was a curious 11 year old at the time and i feel he served his time.I dont think he should have to pay for the rest of his life. My son is 20 years old now dont have an education and cant find a job. What happens if i die who will take care of him. We need to change these laws somehow.


  4. Amen we sure do, problem is…people are afraid to get envolved. We have to make people listen. If people go through this, know someone who was wrongfully convicted, accused, sentensed, did there time. speak OUT! Our friends neighbors and some of our family members need your help. It is all about the money! law makers and people who are ignorant to what really goes on keep us from getting our kids back into society. My son has been through alot and continues to do so.


  5. My wife an I are in a battle with the state about our daughters. We have 5 girls 3 of which have “ADHD”. And we are going thru comcare for our daughters. Some lady from SRS came by our house an said that cause i was teaching our girls self defence and that I was to extreme with our workouts. SRS had offices take pictures of our house, And found that our house is fine an our girls was safe they have there beds, tvs, an there own rooms. SRS tried twice to take our girls but one of my girls went to school an said she sleeps on the floor and eats scraps. officers came an took pictures. But none the only reason our daughter said it was for the attention an tried to tell her that someone is going to believe you one of these days so you can’t keep telling lie’s. Went to court an they used our daughters statement but they have me as a RSO. I have a 16yr old sex crime in another state,I don’t have any new crimes on my record except driving with a busted tail light. But the lady at SRS is stating that cause i am a RSO that its not safe for our girls to come home. My question is can Kansas use a 16 yr old crime from another state against us. If so how an why.


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