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Court update and a few words about motor vehicles and the registry and some good news about jobs and the registry

Well first for all of you who are wondering… We have not heard back from Judge Eric Commerce as of yet regaurding the  jurisdiction of the case. We will let you know ASA we know something ourselves.

Be patient he has much to consider…

Now in response to an email I received… A certain person wanted to inform me of the following;

”  I feel that the sheriff’s office or the KBI arbitrarily made up and imposed a requirement upon me. I recently went in to update my registration info and was told, that even though I currently have no vehicle of my own nor do I have a drivers license right now either, that I must submit the vehicle information of anyone that I ride with regularly. I do not own or operate or drive his vehicle or any vehicle. But since I simply ride with my father regularly I was required to list his vehicle and now it is posted online. My father and I are both pissed off about this both because his vehicle is listed online and because they are trying to impose crap on me that isn’t in the law books. Because I can’t find anything in any Kansas law nor the AWA for that matter or anywhere else that requires me to list the vehicle info of people that I simply ride with and for their vehicles to be listed on the offender registry website. I have asked the KBI to remove that info but so far they refuse and all they can point to is what I have quoted below which says nothing to even imply that I must provide the vehicle info of people I simply ride with. What is your take on this and your advice on the issue.”

The KBI informed him of the following;

“”all vehicle information, including the license plate number,registration number of each license plate assigned to any motor vehiclenormally operated by the offender and any other identifier and descriptionof any vehicle owned or operated by the offender, or any vehicle theoffender regularly drives, either for personal use or in the course ofemployment, and information concerning the location or locations suchvehicle or vehicles are habitually parked or otherwise kept;””

So I called the KBI myself and posed several scenarios…

I asked if I am required to register a rental car or a loaner car, if my vehicle is in the shop for a day or two and I have to use one of the two… I was told specifically this, that if yo have use or control of a motor vehicle your required by law to register said vehicle, even if its only for a few hours. Further I was informed that IF I did not register a vehicle I am driving no matter the circumstances or reasons, if I fail to add it to my registry info, and if I happen to get pulled over or am in an accident etc, and the car is not registered, I will be out of compliance with KORA and is punishable just the same as a failure to register. The first offence being a level 6 person felony. So its of extreme importance to drive your own registered vehicles and no others, in the event something happens… If you have access to a boy or gir friend vehicle and you drive it even only on occasion, your required to register it. And again in the event you get pulled over etc, you will be out of compliance… So if your driving vehicles that you do not have registered with the sheriffs dept and the KBI, then you can plan on dealing with alot of problems… The problems you will have to deal with are difficult, much more difficult that making sure you keep at vehicles registered. Keep your chin up, we are working diligently to fight these new laws, but untill then be sure to cross your t’s and dot your I’s and keep your registration current .

Now for some slightly good news:

The following link will take you to Kansas.com, where you will find an article telling us that the 2012 legislative session brought some relief to RSO’s regarding employment. It will become effective July 1, 2012. That offenders will no longer have their place of employment listed on their registry entry. This will go a long way in aiding many offenders who are employable to finally get jobs, since the employers will no longer have to worry that it will be publicly broadcasted that they hire RSO’s.

Here is the link to the original story… One small step… Thank you all for the phone calls and emails… We may not have won the war yet, but this battle ends in our benifit!!!

” Changes take offenders work address off registry”


If you have any news or questions please call 316.281.7282

My net is having problems, which is why I have not been on here much over the past few weeks. So if you have questions or comments of need info CALL!!!

Ill keep you posted regarding the Judges decision.

Victoria Bliss

RSO since 2001




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