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Court update and a few words about motor vehicles and the registry and some good news about jobs and the registry

Court update and a few words about motor vehicles and the registry and some good news about jobs and the registry

Well first for all of you who are wondering… We have not heard back from Judge Eric Commerce as of yet regaurding the  jurisdiction of the case. We will let you know ASA we know something ourselves. Be patient he has much to consider… Now in response to an email I received… A certain person wanted to inform me […]

Own the Vote!

Own the Vote!

Own the Vote! is a voting campagin we will be working this fall. I need many of you to assist in person with this campaign. We will be handing out info, I and a few others will be speaking, and much more, perhaps a BBQ at some of the locations. Most important we will be checking […]

Housing resrtictions SB39 HB2346 DOC and Money

Well you may or may not be aware of a residential restriction law regarding offenders that has been getting pushed around in legislation for the past 2 sessions now. It was originally introduced as HB2346 evidently due to its competitor SB37 which came along in the same session, it was killed offed.But read the fiscal […]

Punishment or Civil Scheme

Punishment or Civil Scheme

The following video is of Kansas State Rep. Pat Colloton I feel that this video expresses the INTENTIONS of at least this one individual with regards to the passage of SB37… Her words express clearly A PART of her INTENTIONS..The reason I bring this to the surface, is that one of the TESTS the court […]

edited: Any Kansans have “experiences” with the NEW LAW yet??? And wow can I say this out LOUD…and Nothing good ever resulted from greed!

Hello everyone, my hope is that this blog post finds you and your families safe and sound in light of the storms and tornadoes that blazed across the mid-west this past weekend… I also would like to send out our love and prayers to those families who have been adversely affected and lost lives in […]

The motions and supplements we have filed Sedgwick County Kansas 18th Judicial Court

The following are all the motions and supplements we have filed by and through Jason Smartt with the Sedgwick County Public Defenders Office of Wichita Kansas into court at the Sedgwick County Court House 18th Judicial District. Also there is still time to get placed onto this case if you would like to. If your […]

The Constitution and Freedom

see the rest of this video series by clicking HERE


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