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What we are dealing with and looking into now!

Hello every one… A few things I want to say first..

I want to thank everyone, I am so surprised to see that as of today we have had 221 hits with 94% unique or first time visitor, to the site! So keep getting the word out, that there is an organized effort to get this recent Adam Walsh Act law changed and modified… Also I want to thank Dustin Peterson in Newton Kansas, he is actively trying to gather people into a cohesive group, hoping that in numbers we can effect changes needed in our community…He can be reached at anthoneyrsol@gmail.com…

Now for one of the things I keep getting email about, SB 39 and its counter part House Bill 2346 …

Now it is to be noted that SB 39 was voted down! Yes, it was voted down…Or died in committee…Not certain.. However there was some modifications made to it, and now it is HB 2346… For those of you who are not legal savvy, SB stands for Senate Bill and HB is for House Bill…

This law is being backed and pushed on by a group called Kansas Rights 4 kids… Now I will not sling mud, however I will say that what they do not acknowledge is that not every offender on the registry is a person convicted of the types of crimes in which they are concerned about.. At this point I will direct you to read the following report from the
Kansas Legislator Briefing Book 2011.. In this report you will see where there has been a long standing moratorium on registered offender and residency issues! The legislation has taken the position that it is not in the public’s best interest to create an imposition to housing on offenders… My guess is going to be that after seeing the problems created in Florida and Georgia, who both have had a residential compliance act in place for some time.. It over time has become more costly and creates a new batch of homelessness issues and as a result there are now MORE offenders with whom the sheriffs dept’s are unable to find … So in the end, as a result of alleged protection of the community, that law has indeed imposed more problems then it solves..I have faith in the Kansas Legislative and governing bodies to continue to stand by their original position, as in the long run, isolating a group of people in the name of safety only creates more crime and disturbances to the very public with who they were trying to protect! Here is the link to several sites dealing with this issue here in Kansas…Also, if your interested to find out info about the problem a residency law creates, just go to YouTube.com and search homeless registered offenders in Georgia and or Florida… You will begin to see just there, why Kansas has previously drafted moratoriums against enacting residency laws for offenders here.. It just doesn’t make any sense when you weigh the pro’s and con’s..

“Although residency restrictions appear to have strong public support, the Board
found no evidence to support their efficacy It is imperative that policy makers
enact laws that actually will make the public safe and not laws giving the public a false sense of security.”

From pg 11 of Kansas Legislator Briefing Book 2011
Judiciary P-4 Sex Offenders/Sex Predators
Kansas Legislature in Forefront





The last one just above is HB2346, set to be heard in sessions that begin in January of 2012

Please read that document carefully as it deal with a variety of issues, to include offender classification, drivers license issues, Halloween law, daycare childcare and school policy’s restricting loitering, as well as the 2000 ft residency issue. Among other things… Again read it carefully and please email me with anything.. Legal documents are often difficult to understand as the way they are written , making references to statues, and crossing out, and amending etc..

We simply cannot allow this.. I urge you to write, email or call your local reps, your state reps and also feel free to contact the govenor

Here is a a few ways you can find out the reps in your area, its an interactive site developed by the KU Institute for policy and social research…You should USE this info to contact all the people you can… If you need a form letter to send out, I am drafting one and you can request a copy and simply amend it to put your specific info in it.. Just let me know.. But the most important is that we the offenders ACT take a position and STAND UP for ourselves!!! The best way to do this is to create ongoing conversations between the public and the state! Please be active as you can, and pass it on to others who may not be an offender but are a family member etc… WE MUST BE HEARD…WE MUST LET THEM KNOW THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS AWOKEN!!!!


Find your REPS at that site!! Use the info to the best of your ability…

Additional info


This link will take you to the page that is the committee who is currently sponsoring the HB2346… On the right side of the page you will see the names of all the peoples on the committee… These are the people you need to contact about this bill!!! Click on their name and it will take you to their individual page… Then you can see on the right again, all that persons contact info!!!

When you make contact, just remember to be polite and professional and courteous.. If you feel you will be emotional, wait a few mins before you call..We need to deal with this in a strait-forward and dignified way.. Those of you who have been on the registry for many years, YOU have earned your time!! And claim your dignity back!

I refuse to continue to be thrown into a catch all group , where I and my legal situation simply do not reflect the heinous actions of the stereotype most think of when they hear sex offender! I am not the spooky weird guy in the bush, I am a smart strong caring woman who made an error.. I deserve to be treated no different than any other person who has found themselves in a legal situation. I did my probation, I met all the conditions set forth to me by my Judge and I have registered compliantly for OVER ten years NOW… There comes a time when some things need to be let go… I am not a threat to anyone, nor are many of the folks who I have worked with , spoke with , over the last few months! Its time for those of us who fall in the mud, stuck in the middle of laws that have no sensibility and offenders who with loathing intent set out to purposefully harm another , be it child, adult, male or female… I’m tired of carrying the weight and burdens of those who care not for others nor themselves! There is a major difference in many people that unfortunately find themselves on the registry.. Some landed there by errors in judgement or mislead, .. Some people do make mistakes, and are capable of recognizing that and correcting themselves.. And correcting themselves not because of criminal punishment, but because its a matter of life choices… jail or not, people grow and change when they want to, not because they are forced! Many of the people I have met, are guilty of making a mistake, they are not inherently criminal in ANY way… Yet their lives are being ripped apart by indiscriminate laws.. And its not only their lives, its the lives of their families… And in many cases its been well over ten years since they made that mistake! This issue needs to come to light and legislation needs to create a point system similar to the one the department of corrections uses to determine custody level to determine who is a threat and who is not!

This blind JUSTICE must end NOW!

And for those of you out there who are pushing to get tougher laws on sex offenders, Do not mistake me… I am a mother, and I would lay my life down to protect my child with out hesitation… However, the laws that many of us were convicted under years ago make no distinction between someone like me and someone like the guy in Olatha who harmed violently a young child…He is a criminal who cannot control his criminal impulses.. I am a average person , who stepped in the tigers trap… Many on this registry are like me.. Good people who made an error along the way…

Let us not bear the burdens of those who share a group title!

Thats the link to the Commitee on Judiciary.. Call, write , email.. Let them know where you stand on residential issues, and halloween…


Fiscal Note HB2346

The Kansas Adam Walsh Act SB 37 the history HERE... Sad to say, the
Govenor signed it on my dam Birthday..

Ok enough for NOW!!!

Take care everyone, and Ill be getting back to all your emails, and messages this week… Just have alot on the plate with the HB2346 and AWA and trying to continue to live and carry on as normal… Thank you for all your support, and please take a few moments to copy our page address http://www.kansaslaw.wordpress.com

and send it out to anyone or any group who has an interest in what we are doing.. They don’t have to be in Kansas… These types of laws and restrictions are happening all over the country!!!

Till next time, take care and be well!!


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